• Will the DJ you speak to be the one who performs at your event?

    Keep in mind that some DJ companies work as booking agencies that assign many DJs to functions they book. In order to avoid last-minute surprises, before booking a DJ, you should talk to the person in advance. The company can offer you a specialist or you may get a DJ who just bought a ‘DJ Startup Kit’ and wants to train at your event. Don’t make your event a training session for those who have no experience. Our DJ team is limited and each of them has at least 10 years of experience.
  • Is the DJ willing to meet with you for an interview before you hire him?

    It is of high importance that the DJ you choose should be an experienced specialist willing to devote time and his skills to you and your special event. A dedicated professional has to be happy to meet with you face-to-face and answer any of your questions. Prior to making a final decision, you have to make sure you have met with a qualified specialist. Our DJ staff is also available to talk to you by phone or via email.
  • Can a DJ give me references from previous clients?

    Another person’s recommendation is the best way to find out if a DJ will meet your event needs. A person, notably an industry expert, is much more trustworthy than a brochure sent by mail. When you request recommendations, make sure they are from real prior clients. One more way is to browse through client reviews on our website.
  • What kind of experience do your DJs have?

    Special events are different and require different formats. It is important that the DJ of your choice has enough experience so that your event runs smoothly. A highly trained DJ has to be able to deal with any unexpected situation and work closely with caterers, photographers, and other service providers. Each member of our DJ team has years of expertise in every event.
  • Will the DJ need food or take breaks during our event?

    If your event will last 6 to 8 hours, our DJ will need to eat. Events under 6 hours will not require any food for DJ. We have expensive equipment, so the DJ will not leave it for breaks except for a quick break in the restroom.
  • Will the DJ use professional equipment?

    Yes, of course. We provide each event with professional audio equipment and PRO LED lighting systems for special effects to make your event more vibrant, fun, and extraordinary.

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